Try Your Hand at Social Security Reform

Many people believe it’s easy to solve Social Security’s financial problems—think you’ve got what it takes? Play the Academy’s Social Security Game to learn about common Social Security myths, then explore options for reform and see how changes will affect younger workers, retirees, and the program’s long-term health.

Learn More
The Academy offers a wealth of material that examines Social Security’s financial condition, and related issues, from an actuarial perspective. Here are a few good places to start:
  • Aging Securely: The Academy’s Aging Securely initiative looks at options, including public policy proposals, that could help current and future retirees plan for and manage their lifetime income, health, and long-term care risks, and examines the sustainability of public programs that serve the needs of older Americans.
  • Social Security Reform Options: A 2014 monograph from the Academy’s Social Security Committee. This paper explores a variety of Social Security reform proposals and their implications.
  • Raising Social Security’s Retirement Age: This Essential Elements paper examines the potential impact of raising the full retirement age and concludes that in order to ensure long-term sustainability of this important system, we need to raise the full retirement age beyond 67.
  • More Social Security documents: More Academy documents about Social Security topics, starting with the most recently published.

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All estimates used in this game are based on the most recent assumptions and calculations available from the Social Security Administration Office of the Chief Actuary.